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Artificial Intelligence Transforms Retailers

Today’s customers are digital natives accustomed to having access to multiple shopping entry points,whether at home, at work or on the go.

Integrating AI solutions into your digital and physical channels can help you reach customers with the right offer at the right time and place and deliver more engaging experiences.Artificial intelligence transforms Retailers in a huge manner.

Customers expect Retail experience to be always on, relevant and seamlessly connected.

How Artificial Intelligence transforms retail operations?

An intelligent, connected platform – backed by enterprise-grade security – can help your business turn data into insights and take advantage of dynamic,agile systems that adapt to business needs, customer demands and industry trends.Artificial intelligence transforms retailers for business purposes and for other profit issues.

Here are three ways the right AI solution can transform your business :

1. Optimize operational insights with a unified,intelligent platform:

Predictive and proactive analytics – powered by a newly integrated AI solution or existing front-end and back-end apps modernized with infused AI – will save your business time and money while breaking down operational silos.

A centralized AI platform can help your business:

• More effectively track and manage merchandising, inventory and fullfilment to cut down on high storage costs, shipping delays, markdowns and more costly inefficiencies.
• Predict what customers want before they tell you –and ensure it’s in stock when they visit your store.
• Detect and reduce security issues like payment fraud and cyber attacks.
• Sync omnichannel inventory to support services like buying online and picking up in store.
• Access comprehensive data-driven insights in one place.

2. Empower employees to work smarter

While your newest team members may be machines with artificial intelligence, the purpose of AI is really to tap into human ingenuity. AI solutions that enable your employees to provide outstanding service at every point along the customer journey improve not only their performance, but also their job satisfaction.

Role-optimized AI solutions and easy-to-use cloud based tools bolster employee efficiency, confidence and longevity while creating new opportunities  from reskilling to improved work-life balance – for your workforce.

3. Realize ROI with a solution that grows with your business

In the not-so-distant past, retailers everywhere scrambled to build mobile apps to catch shoppers anytime, anywhere. But the apps haven’t paid off because they’re expensive to maintain and upgrade and they create an additional step for shoppers who just want your website to be optimized for mobile.

From intelligent, conversational virtual agents to cognitive services that can tag and track product inventory, AI will drive greater ROI for retailers seeking to unlock the potential of their data, automate processes and transform business models.

Get ready for the retail revolution

Your customers are ready for seamless, differentiated retail experiences. Are you?

Discover how an intelligent, modern AI platform – backed by proven enterprise-grade security  can turn data into powerful insights, transform and streamline business processes, engage and empower employees and predict and respond to evolving customer needs.For further details please contact us.


January 13, 2020
Deepika U