Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Chatbots


Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Chatbots

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life while referring to the power of technology.

This stands utterly accurate for advancements such as Artificial Intelligence enabled Chatbots, which foreshadow the future of technological advancements to come.

Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as Machine Intelligence, is an intricate innovation smoothly gearing up to revolutionize our lives forever.

The stimulation of human intelligence using contemporary computers that imitates cognitive functions is changing the ways of problem-solving. And with cutting-edge disciplines such as AI and Chatbots, researchers are leading the way to a great transformation.

1.Role of Chatbots and AI in Healthcare

  1. A chatbot is a type of web-robotic application powered by AI that helps in running automated commands on the internet.
  2. As the name suggests, these internet bots are primarily used as communication tools and facilitate automated conversation by way of audio or textual messaging.
  3. Instead of depending on conversing with an individual, Chatbotsprovide assistance in communicating between two sides with automated scripts.
  4. With low doctor-patient ratios all around the world, particularly in under-developed and developing nations, Chatbots are pitched to play a major role in basic healthcare.

2.Six Leading Healthcare Chatbots

Some of the biggest names in the healthcare business have been investing enormously in adopting AI techniques for supporting practitioners in operational initiatives.

Considering the potential of AI technologies in treatment and medicine, some Californian tech giants have also invested their valuable time and funds in developing effective AI and Chatbots algorithms. Below are six leading healthcare Chatbots to watch:


  1. Promising easy access to medical advice, Sensely bot is known for gathering information from the patients and referring an appropriate next course of action.
  2. Patients can use the bot all by themselves and receive guidance on required self-care or suggestion on service.


  1. The world’s first AI medical marijuana Chatbot, ABBI specializes in medical cannabis prescriptions.
  2. It helps people struggling with various complicated conditions such as seizures, headaches, anxiety, and PTSD to cancer and chronic pain.
  3. Recommending on availability of medical cannabis and the knowledge of its appropriate usage, ABBI is bridging a major medical lacuna.


  1. Ada follows similar rules, where patients can mention their issues and symptoms to receive information on the possible condition.
  2. Highly ranked by users and researchers in terms of accuracy, Ada is popular and can also help the users in getting an appointment at the preferred medical center.


  1. This is interestingly a Chatbot for medical professionals and not the patients.
  2. Taking the whole idea to a new level, SafeDrugBot specializes in giving a consult to the doctors on the safety of medicines for breastfeeding women.
  3. It is a perfect example of technological advancement can be utilized in being more accurate.


  1. In simple terms, this is a doctor in your hand.
  2. From checking symptoms to video consult and from recommendations to personal appointments, Babylon is programmed to do it all.
  3. The bot is a clear presentation of what can be achieved by careful utilizing AI Chatbots in healthcare.


  1. Currently, in Beta, Florence is one of the widely-used chatbots.
  2. It cannot just check symptoms and suggest further action, but it also reminds the patient to take their medicines on time while tracking their day-to-day health.